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September 22, 2008

Wedding Heels

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A beautiful pair of heels.  I snapped this for the bride’s future memory.



September 20, 2008

Get Ready For The Big Day

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Shot this picture while the bride is doing her make-up and a mobile phone on her hand waiting for sweetheart’s call.



When One Heart Meets Another . . .

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My heartest Congratulations to Harvey & Shirley for both of them have found their other half.  I wish you both a Happy Wedding and Happy Life as Husband & Wife.  Thank you for inviting me to celebrate this special occasion with all of you.




September 18, 2008

Snow Skin Moon Cake

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I get to try this nice moon cake at Shirley’s wedding dinner.  Taste just nice and not too sweet.

Happy Belated Moon Cake Festival to all !!


Great Pictures

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What Is Great Pictures?

  • Great pictures make a person or an event living in front of us and offer an intense to viewer.
  • Great pictures speak for themselves.  They are loaded with an emotion and a sense of history.
  • Great Pictures will somehow have enclosed in it things that mean a great deal of, a lot of people personally.  It is able to speak to them all individually. 


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